More Dutchness!


No. 57: Insurance

When you first move to a foreign country there are literally a jillion things you need to arrange. It's no surprise that many of my first days in the lowlands were spent at the aptly named "Alien's Police" comp...

No. 6: Three kisses

You may well have noticed that Dutch people are a rather kissy bunch. Plop yourself down on any terrace in town and take in the sight of Dutch people all around you greeting & kissing & kissing & ki...

No. 4: Dutch Directness

This list would not be complete if we did not discuss the elephant in the room: Dutch directness. Now you’ve heard the rumours, the stereotypes, the hearsay, and the clichés -and I’m here to tell you, that like...

Dutch cooking


Stuff Dutch People Eat

We are thrilled to announce that our new cookbook, Stuff Dutch People Eat, is hot off the press (and just in time for all your Sinterklaas and Christmas gift-giving needs)! From the best-selling Stuff Dutch People Like series, comes this comprehensive celebra...

Dutch Pea Soup (Erwtensoep)

Snert, snert, snnneerrrtt. The more you say it, the less likely you are to want to eat it. But trust me, although this short little word may sound inedible, its namesake is certainly not! Snert (also know as Erwtensoep), is in fact, the Dutch word for traditi...

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