Stuff Dutch People Like is a celebration of all things Dutch. It investigates and highlights the idiosyncrasies of the Dutch culture and their uncanny ability to talk on a mobile phone, while carrying 2.5 children, 6 bags of groceries, a television set, and a mattress balanced on a gear-less bicycle.

Started as a light-hearted blog back in 2011, the Stuff Dutch People Like community now boasts over half a million loyal fans around the world! The original Stuff Dutch People Like book was published in 2013 and became an instant international bestseller with three other books following suit!

‘Stuff Dutch People Like’ questions, celebrates and pokes fun at a nation of orange-loving, guttural-sounding, element-battling, culturally-bemused folk. All in the name of fun.

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Meet the Author & Founder


Colleen Geske is the founder and best-selling author behind the brand ‘Stuff Dutch People Like’. Originally from Canada, Colleen has called Amsterdam her home since 2004 and has worked as a communications consultant for the past 10 years.

Described as “blunt, provocative and wickedly funny“, Stuff Dutch People Like offers a satirical look at Dutch culture as seen through the eyes of an outsider. 

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