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No.28: Friet & mayo (Dutch French Fries)

Call ‘em what you will – friet, friets, patat, Vlaamse Frieten – but one thing is sure, the Dutch can’t seem to get enough of ‘em!  In fact, they love ‘em so much they eat over 41 million kilos of … Continue reading

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No. 35: Impossibly steep stairs (aka: the death “trap”)

After 2 years of living in the lowlands our expat-provided accommodation ran out, so we naively embarked on a Amsterdam house-hunting mission. Even though it was a good 6 years ago, I remember it well, as we visited not 5 … Continue reading

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No. 1: Bicycles

You may have noticed more than a few wheeled contraptions whizzing by you in this town. In fact, it sometimes seems impossible to separate where the Dutch begin and their bicycles end. Rain (or rain or rain) or shine, the … Continue reading

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No.39: Cows that say “boo” (and other animals lost in translation)

The other day, while out exploring the Dutch countryside (a.k.a. endless fields & windmills), I overheard a Dutch mother speaking to her child while we were taking a pit stop next to a field of cows: “Kijk” the mother pointing … Continue reading

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No. 31: Keeping it real

The Dutch like to keep it real. They are big fans of authenticity and take pride in the genuine. This behaviour is a close cousin to the infamous “do normaal” and is often used to justify their directness. Speak to … Continue reading

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No. 38: Not working

Yes, you read the title correct. Dutch people like to not work. In fact, they like to not-work so much that they have actually become experts at it and are now the best in the European Union at doing so … Continue reading

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No. 22: Hair gel

Dutch people are amongst the highest consumers of hair gel in the world. If you don’t agree go stand in the middle of any busy Dutch street and start your counting. As the numbers start quickly adding up you will … Continue reading

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No. 40: Sinks with only cold water

After many a year living in the lowlands I’ve made some serious progress in deciphering the Dutch: I’ve mastered the art (and pronunciation!) of gezelligheid, I’ve gotten used to the constant presence of Dutch directness, agendas and red pants. Heck, … Continue reading

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No. 27: Picking their noses

Last week I was at a trade fair in Asia. Companies from literally every country in the world were present, showing their local products for export. A colleague and I were manning our stand and to pass the time we … Continue reading

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No. 20: Skating (on natural ice)

You may hear Dutch people grumbling about how cold it is, how the snow is slowing down trains, how flights are not taking off from Schiphol, how long it took them to get to work and how it makes for … Continue reading

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