I thought I’d kick off 2012 with a selection of some of the most notable comments from 2011. The blog certainly has its fair share of comments – some brought a grin to my face, others a frown, and some kept me laughing for days. Enjoy!

“Your blog had me crying with laughter – very well perceived and so true. Uncanny. I look forward to the next entry already.” EH

“I can’t hear aynihtng over the sound of how awesome this article is.” Spam?

“I totally like your blog. I’m dutch myself and you’re right about most things. It’s really fun to read this and to think ‘ yes I do that to’.” Miriam

“I’m a Morrocan born and bred in Holland and I had my share of ‘Duh!’ moments growing up here. Like ‘Where have all the kids gone? Oh, it must be six o’clock sharp.’ Oh yeah.” Mo

“I am Dutch and I LOVE YOU! “Joyce

“…not all of ‘em are into red or yellow pants I honestly don’t know where you got this bullshit from.. And I kind of know it, i’m dutch lived there for 19 years no arguing about it…” Anne

“[Why do the Dutch]Talk about poop in an open manner. (I.e., standing up from a table of people and loudly announcing you’re going to go poop; complaining that on holiday in Spain, one cannot poop; having a multitude of different words to describe different kinds of poop; fondly referring to one’s friends as “little poops/sh*ts”; etc.)” Sarah

“What’s wrong with red pants?”

“Being Dutch, but having a non-Dutch wife and a company full of non-dutchies, this blog will save me while I’m laughing my ass off at the same time (sorry, rude expression; proving that I am in fact truly Dutch). Instead of talking for ages to my people about all these things, I just made reading your blog in full an obligatory part of our company introduction program for non-dutchies.” Jeroen

“One more: hair gel… for the MEN! I think Holland has to be top 3 in the world in hair gel use.”

” Dude, your website is just downright racist. If you’re too stupid to understand our culture, why don’t you go back to your own stupid country! By the way, you ignorant fool, you forgot the one thing Dutch people really like best: Geert Wilders, our hero from the south!”

“LOL, now I understand! A while ago a temporary co-worker from abroad filled in her name on the birthday calendar next to the coffee machine. We were all a bit stunned – almost insulted – by her taking the liberty to fill in her own name on that calender. Doesn’t she know she’s not supposed to do that if only because she’s only a part time temporary employee?!” Okkie

“I just can’t believe how freaking funny, hilarious, informative and instructive this blog is! Including the comments. Big kudos from this cheesehead. My foreign girlfriend really has to read this.” Joris

“I was having a particularly bad day. Then of course I stumbled onto this blog and now I can’t wipe the grin off my face. Thank you for making me feel better and ‘gefeliciteerd’ with your astute cultural ethnography of us Dutch folk.” bramiam

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  1. Al

    The hair gel comment.. that was me! 🙂
    Here’s to a happy 2012 of more Stuff Dutchies Like.

    • cristinadeoliveira

      I agree…the best!!! Guys, listen to me, please!!! ” EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH RED TROUSERS”!!! Snap je???

      • Greetje

        I have clearly missed red trousers… Only during carnaval I see them plenty, but otherwise, I think most men around my town got the memo

      • Tom

        That’s just bs. Who cares about the colors of ones pants as long as caps worn backwards or crooked, pants worn so low underpants show, furcollars, english lady baby doll dresses, bling-bling, ugh boots, fake tits, bieber-do’s are acceptable the color of anyones pants are the least of fashion insults.

  2. Abby

    Haha, the hypocrisy and backwardness in the Wilders comment is too funny. Troll?

  3. Lyn

    Er, Yikes!! That Geert Wilders comment is creepy!! I would like to say that, although I’m Dutch, I do NOT like Geert Wilders!! There are still some dutch people that use their brains!

  4. Brigitta

    Brrrr the comment about Geert Wilders makes me feel sick. Like Lyn I’m Dutch AND I DO NOT LIKE geert wilders. And I’m pretty sure most Dutch people don’t that guy has some twisted ideas!!

    • Ger

      Same here, I’m Dutch and I sure as hell do not think of Geert Wilders as “our hero from down south”.

      • Rianne

        I do not like Geert wilders because I think he’s only saying things to get attention. I’m dutch and I say, Geertje doe normaal.

  5. Patrick

    The “racist” comment can only be explained as overdone sarcasm by a Dutch person, because his latter statement is an obvious un-truth. It is directness gone over-the-top, which is generally considered bad manners, even in the Netherlands. The Dutch will also be the first to take it serious and object 😉

    This blog is wonderful. Keep it up!

  6. Mr.McDee

    Im not a GW fan but i still want to say: that you shoudn’t discriminate his political and personal view because you disagree with him.
    dont lower to the level of the person you dislike/hate. Wilders hase every right to say what he wants to say, so does the poster of that message (I also disagree with him), so do you guys ofcourse but so do i.
    and i think you shoudnt rip on a politican if you don’t got any political power, or say it in his face.

    • ablabius

      You should however object to a Dutch politician whose funding comes largely from US and Israeli Zionist lobby groups. Being paid by foreigners to make laws for Dutch people makes him a landverrader.
      Apart from that I object more to his view on politics than on his political viewpoints.

  7. jelle

    the simple truth is that pvv has only 24 sites in the second chamber of parliament . this is about 16% of the electoract. so 84% voted on normal people. every now and then there are fringe partys in parliament for example the seniorparty in the 90`s. the famersparty in in the 70`s. so this a normal climat change

  8. janneke

    I finally found something to make me smile every day! Thank you.
    I was born in Den Haag, but live in New York, and am proud to be born Dutch!

  9. Tom

    Fabulous! It expresses what i am confronted with, beeing a Dutch expat out of my country for 2 decades. Do not be bothered with Geert Wilders hooligans, the bleech used to die the hair of this affected the brain in a way. He was’nt an intellectual to begin with. And that brain affected, blabbering now. The Dutch are waiting for a UFO to pick this nitwit up and bring far out of the galaxy. Good show, keep it going !

  10. x-expat

    Sarah’s poop comment can be easily explained by dutch toilets. this needs to be added to stuff dutch people like: toilets that present your poop on a platter!

    • Theobroma

      My Dutch husband refers to those as the “poo-poo platter”. A bonus feature of any Dutch vacation.

    • jolie

      i saw this comment before, but i prefere the Dutch way above the others where your whole butt is ‘washed’ by the water that’s splashing around…. 🙂

  11. Floor (aka Faye in the USA)

    That stupid fool commenting about Geert Wilders, who is a super intolerant piece of sh** doucher from the South, needs to get a life. It is, however, no surprise that a GW supporter would leave a comment like that though; calling you a racist while he supports GW, the biggest racist alive. Gah. Tolerance.

    By the way, I’m Dutch, I’ve lived in the USA for 15 years, and I absolutely LOVE this blog. Next step: Make my boyfriend read this before he visits NL, it will make his transition so much easier! Thanks so much!

  12. Ger

    I absolutely love this blog! I’m Dutch myself and almost all of these things are normal to me. But it’s pretty darn hilarious to read and see that these things are VERY strange and frowned upon abroad. At the same time it’s making me realize and see what my own culture is about, since I take these things for granted on a day to day basis.
    Keep’em coming!

  13. FashionSloerie

    Ok a lot of Dutch people already referred to the ignorant Wilders fan. But I still like to say that this blog isn’t racist and I DO NOT support Wilders!

    I love this blog, don’t always agree with everything said but most important it cracks me up!

  14. Aafke

    Just stumbled on to this blog and laughing my head off. Being Dutch and still living here, I’ve travelled a lot and you summed up just about everything foreigners laugh or wonder about (and rightly so). Only one item missing; foreigners think we are all smoking pot (hashies) always, everywhere. We’re not bytheway. Or is the CIA monitoring your blog and you can’t mention this haha?

  15. Bob van Leeuwen

    The Geert Wilders comment must be cynical, therefore it’s brilliant! Gives our people three lines of looking in the mirror, like the rest of the blog does 😉

  16. marisisa

    I have to say that this blog is just Awesome!! everything is sooo true! everytime I read I’m like: oh, I never realized that, thats so funny, I do that to! ;p

  17. BK

    Great blog, I recommended it to my foreign roommate so she won’t feel offended by our.. “honesty” ;). I hope to see more of this blog 😀

  18. Renee

    My ansestors were from Holland and have married only other Dutchies here in the states until my fathers generation. Sadly none of my family speaks it or knows much about their ancestoy. Yet while reading this I realized are so many things that my family does is common there. I also am learning so much. Hopefully, I will get to visit there sometime. I love your blog so very much.

  19. Leen Kranenburg

    Having left Holland in 1951 to immigrate to Canada I would like to see the changes.????


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