I thought I’d kick off 2012 with a selection of some of the most notable comments from 2011. The blog certainly has its fair share of comments – some brought a grin to my face, others a frown, and some kept me laughing for days. Enjoy!

“Your blog had me crying with laughter – very well perceived and so true. Uncanny. I look forward to the next entry already.” EH

“I can’t hear aynihtng over the sound of how awesome this article is.” Spam?

“I totally like your blog. I’m dutch myself and you’re right about most things. It’s really fun to read this and to think ‘ yes I do that to’.” Miriam

“I’m a Morrocan born and bred in Holland and I had my share of ‘Duh!’ moments growing up here. Like ‘Where have all the kids gone? Oh, it must be six o’clock sharp.’ Oh yeah.” Mo

“I am Dutch and I LOVE YOU! “Joyce

“…not all of ‘em are into red or yellow pants I honestly don’t know where you got this bullshit from.. And I kind of know it, i’m dutch lived there for 19 years no arguing about it…” Anne

“[Why do the Dutch]Talk about poop in an open manner. (I.e., standing up from a table of people and loudly announcing you’re going to go poop; complaining that on holiday in Spain, one cannot poop; having a multitude of different words to describe different kinds of poop; fondly referring to one’s friends as “little poops/sh*ts”; etc.)” Sarah

“What’s wrong with red pants?”

“Being Dutch, but having a non-Dutch wife and a company full of non-dutchies, this blog will save me while I’m laughing my ass off at the same time (sorry, rude expression; proving that I am in fact truly Dutch). Instead of talking for ages to my people about all these things, I just made reading your blog in full an obligatory part of our company introduction program for non-dutchies.” Jeroen

“One more: hair gel… for the MEN! I think Holland has to be top 3 in the world in hair gel use.”

” Dude, your website is just downright racist. If you’re too stupid to understand our culture, why don’t you go back to your own stupid country! By the way, you ignorant fool, you forgot the one thing Dutch people really like best: Geert Wilders, our hero from the south!”

“LOL, now I understand! A while ago a temporary co-worker from abroad filled in her name on the birthday calendar next to the coffee machine. We were all a bit stunned – almost insulted – by her taking the liberty to fill in her own name on that calender. Doesn’t she know she’s not supposed to do that if only because she’s only a part time temporary employee?!” Okkie

“I just can’t believe how freaking funny, hilarious, informative and instructive this blog is! Including the comments. Big kudos from this cheesehead. My foreign girlfriend really has to read this.” Joris

“I was having a particularly bad day. Then of course I stumbled onto this blog and now I can’t wipe the grin off my face. Thank you for making me feel better and ‘gefeliciteerd’ with your astute cultural ethnography of us Dutch folk.” bramiam