Dutch people like love IKEA. And no, I’m not talking about the DIY, sleek, Scandinavian-designed furniture. That’s too obvious! You will, of course, find at least half a dozen IKEA items in any Dutch household (they do like a bargain, after all). However, the Dutch appreciate IKEA for an all together different reason: the food! Huh? The frozen Swedish meatballs? Nope, Dutch people head to their local IKEA as they would to their local family restaurant! Except, there’s a twist: the highly coveted 2 Euro meal-deal.


On Tuesdays, you can’t find a table to save your life. It is of course 50% korting (discount) night! And don’t forget the ever popular “whatever-you-spent-you-take-off-your-retail-bill” night –that draws the Dutch folk by the truck-load.

It certainly takes the Dutch dining experience to a whole new level. And here you were thinking that the Dutch’s biggest contribution to dining was the “Dutch Oven” or the “Going Dutch”.

If you ever happen to be at IKEA on a Tuesday night, I’ll be the one with the baseball cap and sunglasses in the corner, devouring my salmon special and grabbing a 1-euro hot-dog to go! Yes, I’m taking the inburgering courses to the real world!