Dutch people love to discuss the weather. Want to join in a friendly chat with your Dutch co-workers or neighbours? Not sure what exactly they are discussing fervently by the coffee machine? Chances are it’s the fascinating and captivating topic of… the weather! Is your Dutch a bit rusty? Throw in a “‘Mooi weertje, he?” (nice weather, eh?) or a dramatic“Wat een hondeweer!” (what miserable dog’s weather!) and this is sure to lead into a lengthy discussion with a stranger.

Dutch people also all seem to highly in-tune with the eminent and future weather conditions.  Need a 4-day forecast? 10-day? Heck 14-day? Chances are a Dutch person in your vicinity will have a very accurate prediction for you. No need for trained meteorologists in this country, the Dutch spend so much time discussing, analyzing and tracking the weather, they practically all have honorary degrees in the subject!

Technology has allowed Dutch people to get even further ahead in war-on-weather. Its no surprise that one of the most popular iPhone apps is actually Buienradar –a weather tracking system, showing you nice little rain clouds above the outline of the Netherlands, predicting the exact time it will rain and for how long. Now yes, I will admit, that the Buienradar app may have somehow made it onto my iPhone, and may have somehow been frequently checked….but I digress.

Dutch weather can also be used to predict the collective Dutch mood. Rainy and gray outside? Chances are the Dutch are feeling a bit down and cranky. Sun shining? Christ –the Dutch are practically singing on every street corner! But — if the sun is shinning the Dutch also aren’t fooled “rain is around the corner” I’ve been warned for remarking on such a nice day. Don’t get your hopes up for God sakes!

Dutch people also know how to prepare for rain like to no other people. Rain ponchos, designer wind-proof umbrellas, complicated rain gear — there are many ways to battle the elements once you’ve verified online that the day isn’t looking great.

Truth be told, there is an average of 90 minutes of rain per day in the Netherlands. Call me a genius, but I’d count on getting a bit wet every day of the year in this country. No need for fancy technology to tell me that 😉