…and those simple obsessed with all-things-orange! 😉

We know there are a lot of you out there – spanning the globe from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand to South Africa, the Middle East, Asia and beyond! Did you know that in Canada 3% of the population officially has Dutch ancestry and 1.6% of all Americans have Dutch descendents? These figures may seem like a small minority at first… but together the result is over 6.1 million people with Dutch roots living in North America!

Our community abroad has been a massive support! You have left a whopping 15.000+ comments on this blog, joined 450.000 others on our Facebook Page, and are a part of the 300.000 regular readers of this site. Year after year, you have continued to support our books – encouraging us to write more and continue to celebrate all-things-Dutch!

To get to the sappy bit: firstly, we want to THANK YOU for allowing us to have so much fun! We’ve said it before, and we will say it again – we have the BEST fans! Secondly, we want you to know that we have heard your requests!!!

-3 Stuff Dutch People Like Group

We know you want a place to “hang-out”, to “talk-shop” with other Dutchies living abroad, to learn more about your roots and to debate, discuss and continue to celebrate the Lowlands: and so we are excited to announce our new community: The official Stuff Dutch People Like – Group (on Facebook).

We welcome you to come join in the fun – we are only getting started!

Met vriendelijke groeten,
The Stuff Dutch People Like team