Dutch people are amongst the highest consumers of hair gel in the world. If you don’t agree go stand in the middle of any busy Dutch street and start your counting. As the numbers start quickly adding up you will have no choice but to stand by my grandiose statement!

Truth be told, I have never seen more people in one tiny country use this gooey stuff to secure their locks. Oh, and the weirdest part here is that I ain’t talking about the women; it’s the Dutch men that are lovin’ the stuff! In fact, the love it so much, that they feel the need to pour a vat of it over their head every morning!

Common, you’ve seen the types. The tall ones who’s blond curls are slicked back to their head in a crunchy mess. Boys: it’s time for a haircut! 5 year-olds can get away with that look, but unmarried 35 year-old kakkers are a different story all together!

I will readily admit that I don’t understand the root cause of this phenomena. Is it because Dutch men are too cheap to get a haircut?  Is it a question of practicality: is it easier to re-apply gel in the morning rather than actually washing their hair? Or do they genuinely think the “semi-long-curly-blond-hair-doused-in-copious-amounts-of-gel” is a hot look? Please, all-knowing readers, do tell!

“Hmmmm, perhaps I should have used more gel today” Marco Borsato

I will admit that this crispy “Dutch hair” does often accompany a certain type of Dutchie. And in recent years it seems to have become particularly popular with the following groups: makelaars, frat boys, bankers, students, wannabe ondernemers, field hockey players, rowers, bnn-ers, and beloved football players.

You’ll be able to either spot them on their scooters (the makelaars in particular), their boats (perhaps even wearing red pants) or cycling through the city with their girly looking hockey sticks (I can’t help it, I’m Canadian and only ice hockey sticks look manly!)

Do dutch women like competing for mirror time in the morning? Do they not resent running their hands through greasy locks? Maybe it is not the men’s fault at all, but the women who encourage this look?!

Regardless, the look has made international headlines with the online Urban Dictionary defining the hairstyle as the “Dutch Prince“: A haircut obtained when you have long hair over your ears, and you cut your bangs to above your eyebrows. Very popular among hockey players who want to have long hair, but do not want impaired vision. A word of caution: do not be fooled by the glamorous name, there is nothing royal about it!