The Dutch, you see, are a complicated bunch
Their jokes and traditions as strange as their lunch

They’re tall, often blond, and usually quite blunt
Their treacherous stairs are an acrobatic stunt

Lucky for us, not all wear red pants
Or spend their days smoking infamous plants

Dutch dinner resembles an indiscernible mash
A date with a Dutchie? Don’t forget to bring cash!

Their houses ain’t windmills, their shoes ain’t (all) clogs
But don’t be surprised if it rains cats and dogs

Let’s celebrate the Dutch and all of their quirks
Get some giggles and laughs or a couple of smirks

We thank you dear fans for the chatter and fun
With such food for fodder our work’s never done!

(Here’s a nice greeting card version. Feel free to share!)

A Sinterklaas poem to Dutch people!

A Sinterklaas poem to Dutch people!


11 Responses

  1. Sam

    One of the nicest things you can do for a Dutchie is insult them in a poem on 5 December. Thanks SDPL!

  2. baasbraal

    Thank you for the beautiful poem. You understood it quite well. In a Sinterklaas poem you can say ANYthng!

  3. Piet

    Every year they arrive from Spain,
    Sint and his Petermen ,whoever are never in vain.
    The Petermen, childs best friend are proud and black,
    They never turn the kids their back.
    The children admires Pete’s skill,
    He the one who helps wishes to forfill.
    From chimney to chimney he went,and even in the in the central heating present,
    He never fails, he never surrender, quick and slender,
    He warms kids hearts with his gifts and charme.
    Pete is on stake :
    because of prejudice elders, and to him;
    He thinks who here is the one who is fake?
    Since Odin and his Raven left earth.*
    Nicolas and Pete are us wearth.

    *the originate of the feast

  4. Lynn

    That is everything a Sinterklaasgedicht is supposed to be.
    Well done.

  5. Phil Champ

    As an Engelsman who lived in Rotterdam twice in the 70s, that sounds spot on. Although my Dutch friend Han told me that the Dutch expression translates as “raining teatrays”. I was never sure if that was one of those “Dutch jokes” that they find so hilarious and leave English-speakers bewildered!


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