The Dutch, you see, are a complicated bunch
Their jokes and traditions as strange as their lunch

They’re tall, often blond, and usually quite blunt
Their treacherous stairs are an acrobatic stunt

Lucky for us, not all wear red pants
Or spend their days smoking infamous plants

Dutch dinner resembles an indiscernible mash
A date with a Dutchie? Don’t forget to bring cash!

Their houses ain’t windmills, their shoes ain’t (all) clogs
But don’t be surprised if it rains cats and dogs

Let’s celebrate the Dutch and all of their quirks
Get some giggles and laughs or a couple of smirks

We thank you dear fans for the chatter and fun
With such food for fodder our work’s never done!

(Here’s a nice greeting card version. Feel free to share!)

A Sinterklaas poem to Dutch people!

A Sinterklaas poem to Dutch people!