W hile scores of mortals spend their entire lives contemplating, questioning and pondering the secret to true happiness, the Dutch are exempt from such trivial pressures. If fact, as one of the happiest nations on the planet, they need not worry at all!

Dutch people – a truly happy bunch?

If you haven’t yet heard, the Dutch are a surprisingly contented bunch – and have long since mastered the whole “how-to-achieve-happiness-thingy”. In fact, Dutch women and Dutch children consistently rank amongst the happiest in the world.
Dutch kids, it seems, are just plain happier than children from any other nation (with 95% of Dutch children ranking their own happiness as above average). Dutch women also appear to be living the good life, with the Lowlands ranking amongst the 5 happiest nations for women on the planet. (Could it be the cheese, the drop, the natural births?  Or simply all that bloody free time?!)

Can the same be said about those leggy Dutch men? Are they also floating around in a constant state of bliss?? Turns out, no one bothered to ask them yet, but based on the highly scientific equation “happy wife = happy life“, we’d say they probably aren’t doing too badly themselves!

The question remains: is this happiness a result of nature or nurture? Are the Dutch hard-wired to simply be happier or does life in the Netherlands (with all its socioeconomic advantages) foster and breed this state? Perhaps the next study should look at all you Dutchies living abroad…

So what does all of this talk of happiness mean to YOU, my humble readers? Well it is quite simple in fact:

– If you’re Dutch: Kick your feet back, enjoy the sun and embrace the fact that you ARE, actually, pretty darn HAPPY!

– If you’re not Dutch: Have no fear, there is a very simple solution. You only need to make one minor life change : move to the Netherlands (if you haven’t already)! 😉

Let’s hear from you: why do you think the Dutch are so darn happy?

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