The Netherlands is a beautiful country and especially so during spring! From blooming tulip fields, boat rides and nice cafés, to hanging out with friends along the canals: Dutch spring is truly gezellig! Below a few photos of spring time in the Lowlands for your admiration. 


Spring in the Netherlands is beautiful!


CC by James Joel

Dutch spring tulip fields netherlands

Beautiful aerial view of Dutch tulip fields in bloom


CC by Claudia Y. Ros

Dutch spring tulips

We can’t get enough of colourful tulips


CC by Rachel Kramer

Dutch tulips spring netherlands

As you can see 😉

Dutch Baking


CC by cermivelli

Sheep tulips spring netherlands

What are you looking at?


CC by Loic Lagarde

windmill dutch holland spring netherlands

Many windmills in the Netherlands are actually “Poldermolen”. They are used in polder regions around the country to move water from a lower to a higher level. Traditionally they played an important role within the water and flood management systems of the Lowlands.


CC by Frans Schouwenburg

dutch river holland



CC by Tom Jutte

dutch sunset

Beautiful spring sunset in Zeist


CC by Luiz Filipe

Young girls Amsterdam spring netherlands

You know it’s spring in the Netherlands when people start relaxing everywhere. Here at Dam square in Amsterdam

Dutch Jewelry


CC by Dennis AB

Amsterdam sunny spring netherlands

…and here at Westerpark in Amsterdam


CC by Siadhal

Amsterdam cafe sunny

 …at a cafe/bistro on the Egelantiersgracht in the Jordaan


CC by Sturia

Amsterdam boat reading sunny spring

 …or enjoying themselves on a boat


Photos by Rolling Spoke




Well, this guy can actually be seen wearing only a speedo no matter the temperature!


Have a fantastic Dutch spring everybody! And if you can’t be in the Lowlands this time, make sure to plan a trip to experience this wonderful season and maybe stay for King’s Day!

Dutch Baking