Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag) is celebrated each year on May 5th to mark the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during World War II. Make sure to also read our post about the brave men that helped free the Netherlands! —> (#59: Canadians!)

Holland Free Again (Dutch Liberation Postcard, 1945)


1. Dutch people waving at allied planes during liberation of the Netherlands (1945)

Dutch liberation day

2. Allied forces air dropping supplies due to the dire food situation in the Netherlands (April 29th, 1945) 

Dutch liberation day

3. Liberation of Harderwijk by Canadian troops (April 18th, 1945)

Dutch liberation day netherlands


4. A girl from Roermond is free to return home with her doll after the liberation (March, 1945)

5. German soldiers looting Arnhem before evacuating the city (September, 1944)

dutch liberation day netherlands

6. German soldiers handing in their weapons in Soest (March 10th, 1945)

dutch liberation day

7. Celebrating the end of the occupation with handmade flags (May 7th, 1945)

Dutch liberation


8.  The Dutch town called Hoensbroek was liberated by allied forces on 17th September 1944. The picture was taken near the Castle of Hoensbroek, where these children were cared for by Catholic nuns. Before the troops had to move on towards Germany (which is 12 miles from Hoensbroek), the kids dressed up in traditional Dutch clothing and performed dances and songs (September, 1944)

Dutch liberation day

9. Prince Bernhard picks up his wife Princess Juliana and their kids from Teuge airport. This is the first time Juliana has Dutch soil under her feet after the Liberation. From left to right: Princesses Margriet (who was born in Canada), Beatrix en Irene (Aug. 2nd, 1945)

dutch liberation beatrix

10. Two Dutch girls asking Princess Beatrix for her autograph. Out of security reasons, the family arrived separately. Prince Bernard; Beatrix and Irene; and Princess Juliana and Margriet arrived in 3 different planes

liberation netherlands

11. Two local women from Zeeland hitch a ride on a jeep with allied soldiers during the liberation parade (May 5th, 1945)

liberation holland

12. Two Dutch kids get some much needed food from an allied soldier (Jan 1st, 1945)

Liberation Netherlands

13. American soldiers are greeted enthusiastically by a group of monks in the town of Ryckholt (Sept. 12th, 1944)