Watch what happens when a tourist tries to eat a herring “Dutch style” while on vacation in the lovely Dutch town of Scheveningen

 Dutch herring Scheveningen

 Dutch people love their herring!

We all know that herring (haringis one of the top delicacies in the Netherlands. Dutch people actually consume over 12,000,000 kilos of herring per year. That boils down to around 5 of these slippery delights per person.

If slippery, smelly, raw fish is not your cup of tea, I’d suggest you perhaps avoid this very Dutch treat. For those of you who are brave enough to give it a try, it’s important to know that the very act of eating herring is an art form in itself! Yes, to be a true Dutchie you not only have to love the taste of herring, but you also have to eat it in a particular, proper “Dutch” fashion.

Don’t you dare try to cut your herring into pretty pieces and eat it with a knife and fork… Dat mag niet! To be truly indoctrinated Dutch-style, you must grab the fish by its slippery little tail, cock your head back to a slightly uncomfortable angle and take one large fishy bite. There’s something about this delightful little performance that has even the most humble of Dutch persons brimming with pride in nationalistic delight.

This tourist in Scheveningen did everything right. Great posture and style. But he didn’t expect there could be something that loves herring even more: The Dutch seagull!!


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This guy is lucky he only lost his herring…