A celebration of Dutch parenting and why Dutch moms have it all!

I am thrilled to announce that my new book Stuff Dutch Moms Like is hot-off-the-press and AVAILABLE NOW!! If those cap-locks look like I’m screaming at you, well I guess I am because I’m that darn excited! It truly was a labour of love (with equal parts hard labour and beautiful mushy love). Almost three years in the making, (including one toddler, one pregnancy and one baby later), I am SO proud to actually be able to finally share it with all of you.

cover-stuff-dutch-moms-likeThere’s one thing that completely crushes your ability to write a coherent sentence and that is: lack of sleep. Halfway through writing this book I got  pregnant….and once that madness stopped (or should I say popped), I switched gears to finish my second book “Stuff Dutch People Say”. Finally, raring to go again, our adorable babe #2 decided  that he would not sleep for the first 15 months of his life…..and so, this book has had many MANY starts,  stops, and starts again until it was finally finished.

Ironically, much of this book is about diving head first into the world of Dutch motherhood: from birth and beyond. To say I had front-row tickets is an understatement. I’ve been at the front-lines of two Dutch pregnancies, two Dutch natural births, and countless sleepless nights (which I later learned, are actually not very Dutch!). Observing my many Dutch colleagues, neighbours and friends, I started to realize that Dutch moms were doing things, well, a little differently.

With so many differences between North America and the Netherlands on the subjects of pregnancy, birth, and parenting, I found myself obsessing over which way was, in fact,  the “right way”. I spent countless hours researching and checking out both sides. Unfortunately there were no black and white answers to be found, but the closer I observed Dutch mothers, their babies, and their children the more I began to realize that their births appeared more natural, their way of mothering more relaxed, and their children seemed to be having a hell of a good time in the process. Were Dutch mothers able to have their cake and eat it too? I needed to know. So I embarked on this journey to find out the real stuff that Dutch mothers like and how I could incorporate some of this into my own little Amsterdam life!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life!
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Founder and Editor-in-chief
Stuff Dutch People Like


Stuff Dutch Moms Like investigates why Dutch moms are the happiest in the world – and how they manage to have it all!

Filled with amusing anecdotes, tips and tricks, Stuff Dutch Moms Like takes an inside look at parenting in the Netherlands and why “going Dutch” might just be the best parenting advice yet! In this book you’ll discover:

Pregnancy and Birth

  • What Dutch moms do differently during their pregnancy
  • Why Dutch women are notorious for their drug-free home births


  • How Dutch mothers have achieved the ultimate work-life balance
  • Why Dutch moms are happier and more relaxed


  • Why Dutch babies sleep better
  • How following a “Dutch routine” will simplify your life
  • Why the Dutch believe in allowing children to run (wild) and free

…and ultimately, why happier mothers = happier children!

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