You people just can’t seem to get enough of this disturbing trend: Dutch people feeding drop (Dutch licorice) to innocent victims! And so, we will humbly continue to feed your addiction. Below is a selection of new videos discussing our favourite inedible Dutch treat!

Heed our warning: never trust a Dutch person offering you a Dutch “candy”. You may live to regret it!

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  1. Daniel

    How can you not like a good dropje? I love to see the horror on the faces of foreigners who eat drop. That’s why I always bring some with me when I go abroad. I like to catch people off guard when they think they’re safe from the dropjes in their own country.

    • Cootje

      Haha! Exactly! We know you foreigners don’t like it, and that’s the reason we keep on giving it to you! πŸ˜‰

    • Bill Allen

      I am a 57 year old Canadian. When I was a kid in the 60’s in a suburb of Toronto, there was a Dutch deli near my house. I used to buy thousands of double zoute drop and eat them by the handful. I have many a time gotten a laugh by feeding it to unsuspecting victims and seeing their reaction. Still lots of places to get them here and I would like to thank the wonderful person who invented them.

  2. Daan.S

    Silly forgneirs… dubbel zoute drop, hell yea.

    • Dominic Van Der Meij

      Agreed! We dont have that here in the USA πŸ™

      • Michael Hermen

        Sure we do – you just have to go to a candy store in a Dutch American community like Holland, Michigan. My cousin did this to me when I visited Groningen. I knew about drop but I accepted a nice white-colored Mento. Yeah, drop-flavored Mentos, who knew.

  3. Marijn

    Haha, when I was China fed it to my Chinese co-workers. They thought it was chocolate so all happily put it in their mouths, did they regreat that! It looked just like they were about to die. They made such a big scene! And I had been politely eating all their disgusting snacks offered by them made of intestens and other things I do not want to know, and had been pretending to like them. Didn’t have to that anymore after the drop incidident.

  4. Sophie Luikinga

    I’m In australia now, and i brought mundrop, everyone liked it actually, or they didn’t dare to say to me that they didn’t like it πŸ˜›

  5. Jen

    Oh, and then there is salmiak! Like de Zwart Witjes.
    As a Dutchie living in England, how I miss those!!!

    • Corry Oosterhouse

      Oh yes!! the Zwart Wit, especially the salty kind—love it!!! I live in Grandville, Michigan which is near Grand Rapids. We have a wonderful Dutch store–Vander Veen’s on 28th St. I get my Zwart Wit there and dropjes and all sorts of other Dutch goodies. I think I’m going to have some Zwart Wit right now!!! Lekker!!!!

      • Angela Van Goor

        Whats even better is that you dont have to share it with most people oh except my children
        Ange Kununurra Western Australia

  6. Mel

    Born Dutch, but living in the US most of my life, I love drop. It’s always been the highlight of the dutch relative visit (that and stroopwafels). I am kind enough to let people smell it before giving them a taste (more for me that way). 99% make a face and say “no thanks”. the 1% loves it and I married him. True story.

  7. Roos

    How can people not like drop?! there are so many different flavors. I’m a little disappointed in your research -_-
    Have you tried Griotten? soft and sweet <3
    Or Eksters, with a bit of mint n__n
    Or Tikkels, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside (also availeble in mint) ^-^
    Or Trekdrop, kids love them because you can stretch them to make it look like you have more πŸ˜€
    Or drop-fruit duo's, just like the name sais
    And many many more πŸ™‚
    My all time favorite; schoolkrijt drop!!!
    More minty stuff than drop, but soooo good because of the drop n___n
    So don't say bad things like that OoO

    But chew well or, when you have a hard dropje, suck on it until it's gone or you might get a realy bad stomach ache especially when you eat a lot of it^^'

  8. Katia

    I was born in the Netherlands from a Russian family, and I’m so Dutch and everything, but I will NEVER. NEVER. NEVER eat drop. And I won’t feed it to my children or anyone. First: it is black. Candy should not be black. Second: it smells like something between cheese and shit. Third: it tastes like that.

  9. Oddsfather

    Thanks god I knew on beforehand what dropje was when my gf tried to feed me that disgusting candy! Believe I’m a yes man when it comes to food in general. Horrible …

  10. Alex

    The meanest one to do this with (at least for a North American from far enough north) is griotten. To us, it looks like maple candy. Oh joy! It’s light brown and a bit sparkly and then you pop it in your mouth and it is awful. It is made extra awful because of the dissonance between the flavor you expected and the flavor that has been inflicted upon you.

  11. Lotte

    Ha, the last guy thought Salmiak pastillen weren’t that bad, he should try salmiak rondo’s. I reckon he wouldn’t like those so much!
    Also, if you don’t like ‘drop’, try chinese candy, that’s the MOST DISGUSTING candy ever, how they manage to call it candy i don’t know, my friend in high school once let a couple of people in my class taste it and i swear, the nasty taste lingered in my mouth for about 3 weeks, i think.
    I love ‘drop’, personally. It’s my favorite kind of candy, i love it more than chocolate and seeing these people react to it(the first and second guy mostly) makes me laugh so badly i think i just scared my rommates half to death with being so loud πŸ˜›

  12. serena hendriks

    I’m a Dutch exchange student in Seattle, WA, USA. and I personally don’t like drop but even though I had my dad sent some over so I could give my class mates some, the all hated it, and their faces are genius if they they try it. Also I just think Dutch and American Humor is no not a like. XD

  13. Lynn

    What is chinese candy?
    On my island we get chinese plums, dried, salted AND sugared and who knows whatever more s***ty stuf… It beats out your dutcj drop at least 100 to 1 !!!!

  14. Joshua

    After 45 years in Australia, I still love my drop. We have a product here called Vegemite. The Dutch might actually like it. It’s about 90% salt as far as I can tell and looks like axlegrease. A little smear on toast goes a long way. The trick here too, is to feed it to unsuspecting foreigners and watch them gag. Funny things is, Australians that like Vegemite don’t generally like drop.

    • Soraya

      While being in Australia I actually never dared to try vegemite, I smelled it and I think I made about the same horrific face as most foreigners do when they smell drop, being back in the Netherlands I regret not trying it though.

  15. Karen

    My parents always had them in the shape of a bear or a cat. They were pretty gross, but felt good in your mouth. My dad always had a roll of King peppermints and we used to be able to get Rang candy from the Dutch baker.

  16. Luci

    Dubbelzout drop is a bit too strong for me. The rest are okay. I prefer salty and savory flavors more with bread and meals than as a candy. Now stroopwafels, passenbrood, vla, and poffertjes find are very tasty and much more to my taste.

  17. Yvette

    We laughed sooo much on this since we follow this rule – by definition being “Snoepjes”, a rock candy manufakturer in germany -> take a close look at the very left side of the starting page πŸ˜€ Dat kan !! πŸ˜€

  18. Tom

    Very interesting, ofcourse beeing Dutch, it is a weird habbit, sometimes flying back to the holy land and buy dropjes, and yes give them to you co workers. I found some North Vietnamese asking me to bring bags full ! Expecting funny faces and end up seeing faces and people saying, oh, really nice. Needless to say the jar was empty very soon.
    And the other thing they really fancy’d was frikadellen!

  19. Janna

    I once fed dubbelzoute drop to my colleagues up here in Scotland.. they kindly but firmly requested I never bring those ‘salt tablets’ to work again..

  20. Mags

    I’m a Brit but have lived for the last 20 years. I cannot live with out my zoutdrop (salt Licorice). My cravings are so bad then I now only hab=ve in while I am driving.

    I love giving this to peolple who visit this wonderful country.

  21. tessa

    I’m Dutch, but now for a year in Argentien. My mom sent me a box with drop, my friends did try it but they didn’t like it at all. It’s so funny to see their faces! I love watch the videos, even more when I’m sitting down here, eating some ‘drop’. How can you not like this?
    Btw, your blog is so cool! I love the way it makes me think, ‘yeah this is so true!’ , ‘I didn’t even know how stupid it is’, ‘how can we do this?’ or ‘He’s so right, we’re a weird folk’. I’m enjoying our self-sarcasm!

  22. Femke

    I really don’t get why no one likes drop! There sweet or salty, double salty… There is one for everyone!

  23. Simea

    I once ignorantly fed a ‘dropje’ to my super-polite Japanese ‘co-worker’. He ate it. I offered him another one. He hestitated, but he ate it again. Then I offered him third one. By then my Argentinean co-worker thought it was time to interfere. ‘Please, stop feeding him ‘drop’, he’s too polite to say no!’ Only then I saw the horror on his face….

  24. Jasper

    I did most of basic education in the USA right up through high school, which was an international one. There was a fairly large dutch community there. We loved drop and if one us would have it the rest would come. Of course we gave it to the other kids. Never had to do that more than once! The faces you saw were worth the loss of the candy. Which is of course why we never warned anyone πŸ˜‰

  25. Stan Da

    love it dont fuck with us others we gonna give u a licorice candy stuff yammie love dropjes fuck yeh i like the muntjes mmmm geile shit dropjes

  26. Arjen

    Ive been travelling all over the world eating the most crazy dishes … and I love it all … but one thing I REFUSE to eat is drop. Its freakin’ terrible. πŸ™‚

  27. Geert

    During my internship in the US i always had coworkers steal my candy. So i did what every dutch person would do: get more candy, dubbelzoute drop to be precise. Coworker see me eating it through out the day and goes in for the steal, needless to say noone dared to look at my candy let alone steal it after that.

  28. Corry Oosterhouse

    HAHA–that’ll fix ’em!!! Hilarious!!!

  29. Robin VanDorst

    I was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to the US an infant. I grew up on dubbelzoute drop and love it! The only thing is that it was a pretty rare treat for me and everyone wants to try it but I’ve only met one person that didn’t spit it out immediately (what a waste)! Now that I’ve found an online source I’ll probably be more likely to unleash it on the unsuspecting! πŸ™‚

  30. davis

    omg…I’m in Holland right now and have tried drop on many occasions, each grosser than the one before. But, and I’m not kidding, I tried tasting it while, um, doing perfectly legal recreational things here, it was amazingly sweet. Like, crazy sweet. I was very surprised. And will be conducting further tests.

  31. Jesse

    I think It’s genetical, like the French and their arrogance hhhmmm lekker dropje^^

    • blackmetalvalkyrie

      Not true. Acadians are some of the most down to earth ppl and they are French.

  32. Just a person.

    Asia has some really awful snacks these things called champui (sp? :P) are the worst things I’ve ever eaten in my life. It’s a dehydrated plum with sugar, licorice flavor, and lots of salt. I was offered one of these things once and I almost died. Those were just bad tasting and the sad part was I thought it was a practical joke but my friend just wanted to share. However, the way they were laughing at my reaction would have made you believe it was a joke. Oh well, I know what dropje looks like now so if I’m offered that I’ll just say no thanks. πŸ˜‰

  33. Lauren

    One of my friends that I met over the internet a year ago is dutch and she sent me a whole jar of dropje. We skyped the day that I opened the box and probably the first thing she had me do was try the candy. I actually like it, or at least, some of the pieces. It seems that she actually sent a few different types and I’m not as fond of some of the flavors/textures as I am of others, but I do find it really good. (she sent a jar to our other friend as well, and they were sending pictures of the call to our group chat on iMessage while I was in class…one of those was a face she was making when she tried drop…it was very interesting)

  34. Lol

    Had the same reaction, thought it’d taste like black red vines


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