Last week I was at a trade fair in Asia. Companies from literally every country in the world were present, showing their local products for export. A colleague and I were manning our stand and to pass the time we decided to play the “what- country-do-you-think-they’re-from” game. We started playing with the stand across the aisle. Four tall blond men in company-branded polo shirts were busy arranging their materials. My co-worker declared that they were either a) German b) Dutch or c) Danish. We collectively ruled out c) but were still torn. To make the game more interesting I wagered a bet of 20 euros and we gave ourselves 5 more minutes to study our objects.

After 5 minutes my friend gave up. I was about to concede until – almost in slow motion – I saw one of the men’s hands slowing making its way towards his face. His index finger was held erect as it was forcefully shoved into his left nostril. “I got it!” I shouted excitedly – “Dutch, Dutch, DUTCH! My money’s on DUTCH!!” My friend was shocked by my sudden clarity. “He’s picking his nose!” I squealed proudly. “Only Dutch men pick their nose in public!” With a look of disbelief, my friend marched over to their booth, struck up a brief conversation and soon gave me the thumb’s up behind her back. Sure enough, I was the winner – the nose-picker was indeed Dutch!

When I first noticed this disturbing Dutch habit I was appalled. I’ve lived in many vastly different countries and traveled the globe, yet I have never seen so many grown men openly picking their noses. My mother would be horrified! It is one thing to pick your nose (with a tissue) in the privacy of your own home, but to do so in public and without shame, is entirely different and quite frankly disgusting.

Don’t believe me yet? Think I am picking unfairly (no pun intended 😉 on the Dutchies? The Dutch paper gezondNU conducted a study in the Netherlands and found that over 90% of the Dutch pick their noses!! Moreover, half of the respondents do so more than once a day! Eeek!!  What’s even stranger is that nearly 50% of all Dutch people find nose-picking to be “disgusting” when they see it. The study goes on to state that over a third of Dutch men report that they like to “..draai er een balletje van en schiet dat weg” (roll it in a ball and flick it). PLEASE, make it stop!!!!!

I will admit that this is mainly a manly thing. Dutch men picking their noses can be found everywhere – on the metro, in cars, on bikes, at work – you name it! I once saw a Dutch father slap his toddler’s hand away from his nose and then use that same hand to pick his own snout. As the saying goes: like father, like son…

Just to make it clear to all male Dutch people: picking your nose in public is gross and barbaric! Don’t do it. Not even if your future King thinks its appropriate royal behaviour.



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  1. Lei


    I absolutely love this site.

    My husband is Dutch and he always do this–nose picking!!!! We would always argue about it but he keeps doing it especially when he is driving the car. Really annoying but now he’s doing his best to avoid it (but probably when I’m only with him).

    • joost

      Driving in the car, the perfect time to do it, specially during heavy traffic 😀

      • Lin

        Indeed! Although being a “female”, I prefer to do it on the highway when there aren’t any cars driving alongside mine…to avoid awkward moments caused by loud honking and -upon eye contact – the famous Dutch sign language for “lekker” (waving one’s hand next to one’s ear) 😛
        Somehow the concept women picking their noses remains a taboo…

  2. Mathew

    looooooool, so funny , it is true, what a disgusting habit

  3. Sjess

    O. M. G! Sooooo true! I see it everywhere! And indeed, only men… I always have ‘plaatsvervangende schaamte’ when I see a man digging his way up to his brain…

  4. Steffen M. Boelaars

    Haaaaaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahaahahhahahahaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING IT’S SO TRUE! And we love our future King for it 🙂 Sign of being a real human, not some trained pet.

      • Lynn

        Oh Steffen, what a lovely way to put it!
        (But I can’t help thinking: “… not trained well enough!”) :-0 !

    • Monique W

      Great way of putting it Steffens…I would much rather have someone like that than one of those untrained people who first talk from their rears and then become a president! Proud to be Dutch!!! Go Holland!

    • Gibson

      Except that I know of no other people who do it so obsessively. It just comes down to habit and a lack of awareness. Something I find a lot in the Dutch.
      And blowing your nose once in a while if it really is that bad is not as bad as harsh sniffing every five to ten seconds. I wonder about the health of these people and why they even need to do this at all.
      As for “don’t tell me what to do” (another charming Dutch habit). I’m not – I’m just saying that I think you’re disgusting.

      • Stella

        Sniffing is healthier than blowing. It’s about the naturally route and wrong routes forced by blowing.

      • Peter

        Sorry, but in what alternate, illogical universe is sniffing more natural than blowing? The nose contains hairs and mucus to trap bugs. Sniffing retains those bugs in the body thus creating greater risk of infection. Blowing gets rid of them. Continual sniffing is doubly dangerous as eventually someone who is irritated beyond their patience will punch the sniffer.

      • Stella

        In the medical univers. It is advised by ENT-specialists.

  5. Steven

    Thanks. Now I’m officially ashamed of being Dutch. This and the red pants thing.
    Wait. I’m not… It does sound awful familiar though 🙁

  6. Mandy Oldham

    Perhaps I’ve just been lucky not to come accross any. I got to know a Dutchman very well over a couple of years and never once saw him pick his nose. I also visited Holland (staying in The Hague) last year and didn’t see any. I found them to be all very polite so perhaps it depends on what crowd you mix with..

  7. amansterdama

    I was on train from Schiphol to Amsterdam a couple years ago and watched the woman in front of me (in a business suit), pick her nose, examine it and then wipe it down the back of the seat in front of her. Another time, also on the train, I watched a man pick his nose, examine it, EAT it and then repeat with his earwax. His chewing was so loud and smacking that I had to crank up the music in my headphones. You didn’t mention the snot eating in your post, it needs to be mentioned. Also, one of the reasons why my bare hands never touch doorknobs, taps or handrails – always with a sleeve or a tissue.

    • Bama

      Omg yes they all eat it too, grown men and women. I see it everyday, it makes me sick!

      • Mandy

        Oh, God, this whole thread makes me feel seriously sick. That is utterly revolting. And it spreads diseases… that’s a fact, these revolting people with their fingers up their snouts are probably responsible for giving fatal diseases to babies, and other frail people. Well, on another page, everyone is celebrating “Dutch directness”, so maybe Dutch nosepickers will understand if I “directl”, slap them very hard on the elbow so that their probling fingers are shoved forcibly into their brains.

  8. ablabius

    It`s predominantly done by men because they have bigger noses. 😛
    Way back – before paper tissues were invented – the Dutch always had a kerchief handy. But in every country they conquered, the inhabitants used to make fun of their snot being so precious that they wrapped it in a cloth and carried it around, so they abolished the practice.
    (And blowing your nose is bad for the brain – or was it the ear-drums – because of the high pressure in the cavities.)

    • Agnes

      With all the respect Dutch ladies and gentlemen,sniffling is barbarian as well, so use those damn paper tissues please.

      • Irving

        Noooooooo, paper is expensive!
        We Dutch don’t throw around our money, we use kerchiefs made of cloth.
        They can be washed and used over and over again.

      • Linda

        Sniffing is actually healthier, blowing your nose can get snot stuck in your sinuses and lead to infections. So I don’t care if it’s barbaric, I sniff whenever I can, and only blow my nose when it gets too clogged 😛

      • Kevin

        To be fair, that nose picking doesn’t happen a lot. Not as much as this writer saying. Irving, what you are saying is just bullshit. Cause a lot of people think kerchiefs are disgusting just like I do. I bet you can find a bag of paper tissues in every house, most time blue coloured with the brand “Tempo”.

        But Agnes who are you to tell us what to do? To be fair I don’t even care what other people think about me (not that I nosepick). That’s typical Dutch, we really don’t care what other people think of us.

      • Gibson

        The constant irritating sniffing is the worst bit for me. I can ignore the nose picking but even my head phones can’t block out the chorus of sniffs and snorts. I have resorted to earplugs at times. The other day I got on a flight to Amsterdam and as soon as I was in the line for boarding I knew I was surrounded by Dutch people.
        Not a great way for a people to present themselves when abroad.

  9. Wous

    I actually was picking my nose when I read this. 😉 And I’m a Dutch dude.

  10. Jules

    I actually enjoy picking my nose. What exactly is gross about doing so?

    • Hannah

      Okay when you are alone, with a tissue of course, but in public is viewed by many as very impolite. Just another clash of culture maybe like the Chinese spitting in the road which nrmal for them but disgusting to us ?

  11. Kairo84

    I got a great idea for you! Please write one about Dutch locker room etiquette. You would think that such a plethora of American television shows here would make it clear that only the weirdo walks around without a towel on while chatting away with one foot on the bench.

  12. Rogier

    I can’t say it’s something Dutch ‘like’, rather than a collective habit. It’s not limited to guys though; a lot of femmes do it to (but have various pre-planned strategies to hide it).

  13. Suzanne

    Hmmmm I’m really sorry to say, but it’s true ….. When our Wim-Lex (prince) did it, we really laughed and were proud of him 🙂

  14. Joris Driepinter

    ROFLOL! My Brazilian girlfriend is also disgusted by it 🙂
    Picking my nose is the first thing I do under the shower. I want to BREATHE through my nose!

  15. carola

    I must say I’m speechless upon reading this.

    Your last line successfully made my laugh burst though.

  16. yourmommaskitchen1

    I am so grateful that my Dutch husband does not pick his nose and he does use a handkerchief actually in today’s world. He is not old either! But I have seen it and it is SICK!!!! One time when I was in the McDonalds waiting to place my order and the guy that was to take my order stuck is finger up his nose…I thought I would faint it was so sick, blah! I didn’t order!

  17. Irving

    Disgusted or not. I clean nose is a must so I always carry a handkerchief.
    Don’t want to be talking to an CEO while stuff is hanging out of my nose or I can’t breath properly because my whole nose is jammed.
    Still, I lol everytime strangers say its gross 😀

  18. Suzan

    My brother once made a – in his opinion superb – threedimensional painting on the ceiling, on the part just above the tv. My mother was not the slightestly amused when she found out.

    My father always picks his nose while driving the car. Helps him focus, I think.

  19. jan

    It is disgusting. I do know it. Try to stop myself from doing it for years… It’s subconsious…
    so stop smoking must be easier. Also disgusting by the way…

  20. kim

    My (Dutch) husband does this digusting thing especially when he’s driving … AND eat it !!! Baaaahhhhh… Still can’t understand why he does tis while he is actually a sweet polite big handsome guy. BTW he said it’s beTter to “eat” it rather than to wipe it somewhere on the dashboard…
    As for red and yellow pants, LOL… Remember how shocked my brother was when he first saw a man wearing canary yellow pants and red/orange polo shirt… And even more to then realized it was his brother in law !!

    • JJR

      I heard the same from my Dutch guy friend a couple of years back…:D I think their snout is too precious to be thrown and that they feel toilet paper is expensive to waste.Oh God, my stomach is churning and turning upside down.But hell, too funny and well, eew-y at the same time.:D I still love my Dutch man though.:D =)

  21. Victoria Raw

    That’s disgusting. That’s what handkerchiefs or tissues are for. It’s one thing doing it in the privacy of a bathroom or your own home, but quite another in public.

    In some countries though they cover one nostril with a thumb and forcefully expel whatever is in the other nostril on to the street. That doesn’t make particularly pleasant viewing either.

  22. Bella

    Oh goody i really, hate this habit. My college has a habit of it. And does it so often. Gosh don’t you learned some manners or for goody’s sake. Can’t people think for themselves how disgusting this is. Just go get an tissue. I think this is def. an terrible habit of this country!

  23. Tom

    It should be a ceremony, properly performed it is like a ceremoney! I prefer the one sitting next to my spouse on the couch, watching a movie.Starting picking my nose when feel a ” hork” up my nose. The best part of the ceremony is still to be revealed! Trying to get it out in one piece. The best onces are the once you actually take out in one piece, and feels ticklish when taken out. These onces are hard at the beginning and have a wet bubble at the end! Then circle your point finger with you tumb and shoot it directly at the cheeck of your wife. In return you get a fabilous response. Full of exitement you notice you watch your wife feeling with her hand what touched the checck surface, when the brain processed the event, and the picture is clear you will hear……….AGATSIE !!!! Straight after that getvready to be beaten, but hell, its worth it! 🙂

    • JJR

      ROTF! Now this is really something that made my sides hurt- hahaha! Waaaay too funny the way you, Tom, described it. It was too graphical that I can’t help but get annoyed and feel eew-y at the same time. Oh man,what a way to clean some brains.:D Thank you Tom, now I need to delay some real good snack. =):D

      The one who posted about this nose picking habit to make his dad focus zapped my otherwise sleepyhead right this moment.:D

  24. RvR

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Tom, that is hilarious!

    Did you know that the best ones you describe have a name in English? The technical term is a Coil and Togle, the wet bit is the coil and the hard bit is the togle….

    Brillant post!

  25. swhite44

    At least twice in Holland I’ve been admiring an attractive girl in the next car, and then she’s started picking her nose, and then eaten it.
    I find it amazing how the attraction evaporates!

  26. Mic

    Simple habbit of simple people. Or maybe this is just part of gezzeligheid?

  27. Steve Zytveld

    Guilty. A few weeks ago, the security supervisor at work informed me that he has often seen me on the security camera system picking my nose…

    Also, we men of my family have a hard time keeping their fingers out of their ears.

  28. German-in-the-Lowlands

    I’m German living in Holland with my Australian boyfriend. We both beat any Dutch hands down at nose-picking! I had no idea that it’s not as frowned upon here as in our respective home countries. How refreshing! 😉

  29. Erin

    Then we’ll blame my 8-year-old son’s habit on Dutch influence:) I’d add to this post “blowing cigarette smoke in people’s faces.” GROSS!!!

  30. Stuff Dutch People Like | Vaagmagazine

    […] zonnestraal gelijk op het gras liggen. Maar nooit over nagedacht waarom hier in de toiletten alleen een koude kraan is om je handen te wassen. Of de rode broeken, het neuspeuteren of het feliciteren van iedereen op […]

  31. Meh

    Ha ha! You can see Maxima’s upbringing right there! Always look away from attrocities being committed……

    • Stella

      Willem-Alexander looks bored and Máxima looks up bored in a better behavioured manner. Guess it’s the results of a Dutch team. Nose picking and nose touching can be signs of boredom or of concentration. The body language will tell which one.

    • wybe

      actually, i think what we see here is evidence of Maxima picking her eye and rolling ‘the harvest” between her fingers

    • tim

      Since when is putting a pen against the tip of your nose the same as nose picking?

  32. Angela

    I live in the UK and have lost count of how many times I have seen British men picking their noses, especially on trains. It may be more of a universal men thing.

  33. pequegnat

    Having a Dutch husband and by default Dutch in-laws I can tell you I have seen more nose picking in the last 12 years than ever imagined. Following my many observations at family gatherings the men in the family are officially known as the “nose diggers” because they don’t just pick – often and in public – but they dig. I’m still astonished however that rather than taking notice of the disgusting nature of the habit and disgusted nature of my comments they have adopted it as a sweet pet name. Maybe a clue as to why this habit continues to be popular nationally – they don’t find it disgusting but rather endearing??

    • wybe

      I don’t think so….but why on earth did you marry this guy???

  34. Hieronymus

    Maxima is picking her lacrymal glants, YUCK!
    But seriously: it has been proven that nose-picking is actually a very effective form of self-vaccination. That explains why Dutch are so tall. Parents only correct their children when foreign (i.e. small) people are looking. By the way, I miss a topic on Dutch medical treatment. If you find it hard to get a prescription in the Netherlands, just tell your physician that you picked your nose for over a week and still feel ill.

  35. Chantal

    At one point I’ve seen a guy picking his nose in the car beside me, waiting in front of a red light and I was wondering if the picking wouldn’t break his finger.. Somehow, when you stare at people, they just know..

    As soon as he felt my presence, and after eating his “pulkje” he looked at me..

    I couldn’t help myself to make the ” Jummie, jummie” waving my hand next to my ear gesture to him and yelling out ” Lekker he??”

    Never seen a guy turn so red on the spot. He took off like he was set on fire when the light turned green. I almost wet my pants laughing..

    Let me know if you want to hear a snotty joke.. Got those up my sleeve too!

    • JoeBob

      That was alreaday a good one, I’d love to hear more!

    • Eric


      you caught that guy snot-handed, hahahaha! 🙂

      I suggest you should wash that dirty shirt of yours, if you’re really wearing those snotty nose excavations up your sleeves. 😉

      That being said, I must admit I also find myself guilty to this dirty habbit, of nose-picking, because I want to breathe freely. Just try breathing when something is blocking the way inside your nose and you will find it impossible to think of something else until you have removed it!

      I am also guilty of polluting the room around me, by shooting my pickings into a corner, when I am alone. When being at a friend’s house, I will pretend I forgot something in my backpack, so I can leave the room and wrap the result in toilet paper, or inside the lower leg of my jeans.

      While most of us laughed about (then prince, now king) Willem Alexander nose-picking and proving he’s no better than us, I still think it’s disgusting and shameful to be caught. This guy, who is my king, should know that nose-picking is not royal behaviour!

      This is why I try not to be seen nose-picking in public! Use a bathroom or pick your nose when no other traffic is in direct view around you…

      Oh, it’s good you can’t see what I just did while re-reading this post… 😉

  36. jolie

    i don’t know what is worse, picking nose or what i see men do here in Brazil all the time –> scratching their intimate parts…

  37. [email protected]

    HAHAHAHAH this is so funny i cant stop lauging. my dad does this alll the time. especially in the car. its gross. ok bye. xoxoxo jannie bloempot.

  38. Alex

    You forgot to mention the following step of such typical Dutch habit: EAT whatever came out of their nostrils. Oh, how many times I have seen it happening in public!
    First times I was really about to puke….

  39. Ana

    I can’t take it anymore! How effing gross!!! The nose picking is becoming unbearable. Jesus Christmas! But there’s also the picking their teeth, often followed by the nose picking to make things interesting. And there’s ear picking too. WTF is this all about and why in the name of soap won’t they stop? Please, Dutch people, tell me why! Why?!

    • RvR

      I love picking my ears. I’m a truckdriver, what else can I do in traffic? :o)

  40. Mandy Oldham

    Surely Dutch people do more interesting things than pick their noses.

  41. Mila

    PFFF! That is SO true. I’m a Dutch gal and I had a boyfriend who did that all the time, I told him how disgusting it was to do anywhere near me and in public. His only reply was: “What? It’s only natural 😉 “

  42. Chantal

    I once dated a guy that made “snotrockets”: He would walk the streets and just blow his nose without a tissue “shooting” the snot out of his nose.

    Besides that, he liked to pull his finger thru his buttcrack to smell his fingers several times during the date.

    I can tell you I was so disgusted by the dude, I didn’t call him anymore.. He did bug me for 2.5 years tho, even called the police on the stalking, snotrocketing, buttwiping, fingersniffing dork.. Iek! Haha!

  43. sanne

    BS, it is natural! You have to have a clean nose to breath properly! But true, no nose picking in public! But i clean my nose to if I feel its jammed with snot and don’t have a bathroom nearby. Even worse to have something gross hanging out your nose and people see it!
    But hey… there are more terrible things in the world he?

  44. read more

    it has really been good reading out through this blog. it really helped me realise how curious acts do some people perform. an awe inspiring work it was good to know about the other side of the globe too.

  45. H van Spank

    i do two things. 1) i blow my nose in the shower. Wonderful therapy! 2) when I do pick my dutch nose (circa 1964), I love it when it’s a long half dry one with a wet tip at the end and it gives your sinuses a little bit of a massage on the way out it’s best if the extraction is slow….. lovely! rolling it and flicking it out the window while driving is a must do! (just have to make sure the window is down… btw.. my wife things it’s gross when there is snot on the shower screen.

  46. Joanny

    They fact that they always look proudly at their “treasure” and then flick it not caring it could hit someone infront of them makes it worse! When my brother was little he used to put them in a tissue BUT if he didn’t have one in his room he… He….. He used to stick them onto his wall :/

  47. bermyWHAT

    This might be a holdover from old Spanish colonialism because Spanish people do this A LOT too. It’s so nasty!

  48. Archontoula

    A new nice topic would be how much they like to clean their mouth and teeth with their fingers after they had lunch or dinner. And making noises as they are licking from their fingers the food that was previously stuck in between their teeth.

  49. joost

    I remember the first time I saw my dad do it, I thought: What would it feel like picking my nose. I tried…30 years later I still don’t regret it 😀

  50. JML

    Hehhe ik lig helemaal in een deuk hier. LOL
    This is written funny 😛 but picking noses in public is gross

  51. Melinda Kay

    Absolutely hilarious! I came across this site on accident, but I’m glad I did. I have my own personal Dutchman in the other room. We’ve been married 10 years and the one thing I will never, ever, ever be able to get over is the constant nose picking. While we’re eating, while we’re watching a movie, while he reads…hell, he’s in his study picking his nose right now. I can feel it. It’s making me twitch as I type this. We have many spirited debates over this behavior. Gross, gross, gross, gross!

  52. robYn

    OMG! I had no idea that picking your nose was a bad thing until I went to school and I got picked on (no pun intended) mercilessly for it! All my grandparents used handkerchiefs and my father still does. My mother is the one who thinks everyone is gross. I’ve always wondered about my Dutch heritage and this explains a lot!

  53. chalice

    Ren and stimpy show. “Do you wanna se my nose goblin collection?”

  54. worried dutchman

    What we need isn’t the incessant reminder in how wrong we are, when servicing our noses. We’d like to hear some practical alternatives to clear those lumps that obstruct our regular breathing.

  55. Sidemountguru

    While I was dating my wife, I started watching poke her nose and very discretely lick it off her finger. Yuk! Now I catch her all the time and I scream at her to tell her she needs to stop. once I asked her why she does. Her replied was “they taste good”. Yes my friends, they LIKE eating them.

    • Steve

      Yes it’s a sickening vice for non-eaters to observe.
      Last week some senior guy in a meeting dabbed some gunk out of his eye and absent-mindedly ate it! You wonder how on Earth such a habit starts, let alone survives into adulthood! Like not washing hands after the toilet which seems very common here in Holland. Maybe it’s the same people! 🙂

  56. Christina Kooistra

    LOL! My heit has always picked his nose, I remember when I was little I did it all the time, even sometimes I would get bloody noses :/.. My mom would always try to stopme when I was picking my nose or other family members on my moms side when I would do it, or in school a teacher would scold me. I didn’t know at the time I thought it was fine my dad did it all the time! My youngest niece who was around my dad a lot when she was little still picks her nose now and she is ten. My sister gets really angry with her when she does it I just tease her hehe, because I understand the nose picking. I still do it now but not in the open…. maybe sometimes in the car. :P.

  57. J J

    I think my husband and I have lived too long in the netherlands as he has also become an accomplished nose-picker! I won’t let him use my car for fear of crusters being found on the seat, he has even been known to wipe them on the soles of his shoes, I feel sick just thinking about it….

  58. PJ

    Quote from the lyrics of the song “Hey Girl” by the Dutch band Gruppo Sportivo (check them out):
    She said: “Your nose is running, honey”
    I Said: “Sorry, but it’s not” 🙂

  59. Kanker country | fleubleubleuh

    […] semble également s’être abattu sur leurs moulins, puisqu’ils seraient apparemment adeptes du ramonage nasal en public comme le sont beaucoup de charmants français dans les transports en commun. J’espère juste […]

  60. Stella

    I just saw that weatherman “attacked” by a spider, picking his ear.

    He stated that everyone is afraid of spiders. It is true, we don’t have here that Australian sized ones as big as a plate. That makes it easier to deny. I don’t need to fear the spiders here, for I can master them and when I meet them in the garden, I can easily let them go. But I don’t want to be touched by spiders.

  61. ferryswart

    I really don;t see the problem here. To foreigners it might be impolite but hey, that’s what you are. foreigners, you have to accept and/or adapt to the customs and habits of the country you live in.

  62. Andrea

    Please can we add a sub-thread on blowing your nose and not sniffing and snorting in public…

  63. Rob de Jong

    A well known comment if someone is caught picking their nose is this one :”Als je boven bent, stuur dan een kaartje!” (When you’re way up there, send a card please)
    (Ansicht)kaarten (a German word for crying out loud) are send by the Dutch to friends and family on their annual summer holiday! Usually with a comment on the back that the weather is lovely here (haha and you’re at home and have to work)

  64. Peter

    The nose-picking is part of a process. The Dutch are obsessed by snot. Sit in any open-plan office and you will quickly be surrounded by Dutch co-workers; obsessively sniffing to preserve and retain the precious gelatinous goo in their nostrils and prevent its escape. You can prove this easily by offering them a paper tissue for them to blow their noses. In 99% of the cases it will be refused. Interestingly it is the women who are the worst offenders. I can only presume that preserving the snot ensures a good supply of raw material to feed the nose-picking habit. My guess is that women do as much of this as men but tend to find less public places for the digging and gouging.

  65. Kelsey

    It’s a little bit funny in the photo of the Prince that while he is picking his wife is rolling, and in the next picture he is rolling and his wife is picking (eye boogers).

  66. renskeeee

    I’m dutch and its disgusting! Keep your fingers out your nose or go to a bathroom or whatever its nasty! Yuck. Is all I can day about that.

  67. emiel

    u know that picking your nose and eating it
    is the same as pre shots ( for sicknesses ? )
    u know wen u give your kids shots against deseases u actualy give them a dead / near dead version of that sickness right

    wel picking your nose ( eating it ) is bringing in dead killed bacteria from your nose to your body and raizes your imume system << win win

    rather be called grose and stupid ( but way more risistance to sickness )
    then gracefull and cool ( and drop dead @ the age of 40 whit flu XD )

  68. Daniel

    Type bush or obama with nosepicking on youtube and ask yourself if Dutch are unique in this habit?

  69. Gibson

    I live in The Netherlands and for me the top most annoying habit of the Dutch is sniffing and snorting as loudly as possible and as often as possible. I find it totally disgusting and really puts me off the Dutch as a people. Your picture of the now king totally sums them up.

    • wybe

      Well if you really are put off an entire people because of the habits of some…may i suggest another continent? I hear Antartica is still free. Huisjehuisje toe nou, he, huiliehuilie.

  70. Roc Rizzo

    As we Americans say, “Dere’s GOLD in dem dere nostrils!”

  71. Vi Demeautis

    Totally true and totally gross. I’ve seen many a guy do it in public, especially on the train. In one instance the man was grading papers, so glad I was not in his class! However, my little charge (I was an au-pair, in the Netherlands) used to find things in her nose and put them in the wall. My delicate stomach could not take it and I told her mother from here on out, the little girl would be picking her own buggers of the wall. A guy friend told me once (because I was sickingly fascinated that people did this) the more you pick the faster they grow. I make it a habit not to pick, because I do not want fast growing nose product.

    • Stella

      You didn’t teach the girl to stop this nose picking


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