Life is good for ‘man’s best friend‘ in the lowlands. In fact, Dutch dogs lead an extraordinarily charmed life, enjoying rights, privileges and luxuries not normally afforded to their furry friends across the Atlantic.

Not sure what I speak of? Just take a look around and you will find dutch dogs living large! Why strut the streets when you can have free access to excellent public transportation (think buses, trams, metros, etc.)? Looking to see more of the world? You’re in luck, as Dutch doggies can ride the trains for an affordable 3 euros/day! 

Dutch dogs also need never spend a lonely night at home, as they can head on over to the local pub or restaurant. Yes, believe it or not, canines are allowed to wine and dine in the vast majority of the Netherland’s restaurants, shops, bars, pubs and cafés! It is not an unusual sight to see a furry friend munching on some grub at the next table over.

If all this sounds like madness, you are not alone. Many an expat, tourist (and even a Dutchie) can be heard grumbling over the omnipresence of dogs in the lowlands (and of course, we do sympathize with those with allergies…).

A line has to be drawn somewhere, and it seems the entry rights of Dutch doggies have been denied to the lowland’s many cultural entities. Rest assured you will be able to enjoy a dazzling Van Gogh or Rembrandt without a wagging tail smacking your leg in enjoyment.


Dutch dogs have many a talent and are as skilled as their owners in the realm of bike-riding. Whether they occupy shotgun (the coveted front basket), the back seat (sweet-heart style), or  are tucked neatly in a saddle bag, these doggies can be found cruising the canals in a typical laid-back dutch style.

Who ever coined the phrase “It’s a dog’s life”, certainly had not lived a day in the life of a Dutch dog!