Guest Post by award-winning Dutch photographer Albert Dros

Most people know the Dutch for their flowers and their windmills. But did you know the Dutch also have endless amazing beaches on their northern islands? And that their forests are one of a kind? This colourful photo series contains a lot of images that show the beauty of my country. The flowers, the windmills, the architecture, our beaches and even our night skies. Granted, our country often looks rather grey and dull. We like to think we have rainy weather all year. If you ask any Dutch person how the weather is in our country, you will mostly get a negative answer. Thus, it will come as a surprise to lots when they see these colourful images. In fact, the Netherlands is not always rainy! I like to use opportunities of good weather to go out, enjoy the nature, enjoy the cities, and take beautiful photos. 

For tourists that want to see the flowers I recommend coming at the end of April-beginning of May. That way you get the best chance of seeing the beautiful flower fields in full bloom. Do not only go to the ‘Keukenhof’. The Keukenhof is very nice, but it will also be the flower fields along the roads that will blow your mind (and nose, the smell is amazing!). Another cool thing to see would be the islands up north, called Texel and Terschelling for example. These are generally less known to tourists, but they have amazing totally ‘not Dutch’ nature! 

 My country doesn’t have high mountains and does not have high skyscrapers. I’d like to say we have no extremes, but we are charming in our way. 

 I hope to welcome you in my country!

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Beautiful Holland

Rainbow Shed
Hello Amsterdam!
Dreamy Dutch Sunrise
Zig Zag

Colorful houses


Typical Dutch!
Tree of Dreams
Amsterdam Twilight

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21 Responses

  1. Ariadne L. Santos

    Look at those photos ,just make me wanna back soon do NL and explore more this beautiful place that stole my herat since the first time I step out of the airplane .

  2. Elizabeth van der Giessen

    The problem with these bulb fields is that they last one week, two weeks at the most. so don’t get the wrong idea, people, and check the correct time of year, which is early spring. I used to live in between these fields, consider me an expert.

  3. stephen simpson

    It’s a shame that so many photos have colour and special effects. Holland is beautiful without special effects.

    • rsser

      +1. These aren’t the worst. Those I call PhotoSlop – colour saturation that’s unreal.

      • Sjoe!

        +1 He couldnt resist adding a touch or two to each. But his taste is a giveaway. Like in old Dutch painters. They missed bright colours in life and were generous adding them in their works.

  4. Anke Koks

    How awfull these picture’s are photoshopped! The Netherlands don’t need that: it is a beautiful country indeed and these plastic images are, with some exceptions, terrible. Nonexisting colours and perspectives, aarghh
    Made this way, all countries look alike, as if stolen from sf-pictures.
    In reality our country is so much greater to watch.
    Shame on the photographer(s)!

      • rsser

        Sorry Jenifer, that’s extremely unlikely. Digital cameras use a different colour space than the eye and than monitors, and I’d guess you haven’t had your monitor colour calibrated anyway have you? Eg. those photos will look different on your monitor in daylight compared with room lighting.

        The eye is very good at seeing what it expects to see.

  5. Oscar Huijsse

    My family are from Noord Brabant and Im heading home to visit in May…cant wait, been too long and these pics remind me why! Love it.

  6. Erik

    Variety and beauty can be found in almost every corner of this small country.

  7. Venera

    Why Holland while talking about the whole country? You don’t call it Holland in Dutch as well, everybody says Nederland. So it should be the Netherlands, not?

      • Maria

        The old Dutch was called Dietsch here. That was still the language when we started sailing the world. It’s either misheard by English speaking nations or they couldn’t pronounce it so it became the word Dutch. We call our language Nederlands now.

  8. Mark Harrington

    Lovely photographs. The Netherlands has beautiful scenery, great architecture and a well balanced way of life but in my opinion the greatest factor in its favour is the nature of the people – which has created all else to enjoy there….

  9. Jenifer Lounsbury

    I find the photos look exactly like I saw it when I lived there in the early 70’s. The photos do it justice. The most beautiful,amazing,with wonderful people this country is. Loved every minute we lived here. Best years of my lifetime.


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