The Dutch (like any small country with a slight inferiority complex) like love their patriotic, nation-affirming songs. In everyday life, however, Dutch people are not particularly overt in their patriotism – after all, the Calvinistic principle of doe normaal doesn’t allow for such open displays of emotion or country-pride.  Dutch people, however, are allowed to practice their own form of patriotism in socially-approved preselected instances, these being either  a) a national sporting event (i.e. World Cup)or b) Queen’s Day. On both fore-mentioned events you will find the Dutch united in their orange dress and fervently celebrating the homeland.

Dutch pride

The one and only: André Hazes

Apart from these predefined instances of patriotism, the Dutch also have their emotion-filled vocal praises of the lowlands. Songs which highlight the country’s notable history, strengths and oddities (a bit like this blog, eh?). Every 5-10 years a song with such attributes will enter the Dutch air waves and unite the Dutch in a way that only words-set-to-music can.

Below you will find my personal selection of such songs (with English subtitles, where possible). Feel free to shout out your suggestions as you wipe a tear from your ever-orange-loving eye!